Penthouse Marble

Penthouse Marble

Stone Selection

Carrara marble was hand-selected for the kitchen island.  The Designer needed the marble to work with the grey units with more subtle veining stipulated.  The island unit was vein-matched along all the edges between the work surface and side and back panels.  All exposed edges were mitred and the marble well-sealed.  Carrara marble was also used for the kitchen work top with hob cut-out and for the back wall and shelves, creating a beautiful seamless space.

Master Bathroom

The Carrara continues into the Master Bathroom and was used for the floor and walls.  A honed finish was used in the Shower for slip-resistance and a polished finish was used on the walls.  The full-height Carrara in the Shower is book-matched with two recesses and the marble was also used for the vanity top and draw fronts.  The 100mm Carrara skirting completed the picture.

Bathrooms Two and Three

In the second bathroom of the London Penthouse the Designer wanted a bit more drama so a heavily veined Calacatta Viola was chosen.  For the third bathroom Statuary Etto was used for both the basin, base and walls to create a tranquil and uniform space.

Entrance Hall

Statuary Etto was also used in the entrance hall.  The marble was cut from sheet in large panels and laid on the diagonal with a polished finish. 

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