Interestingly it’s the granite that still prevails thousands of years later, a feat that is testament to the strength of the stone. But where does Granite ‘work’ within the home? The short answer is almost anywhere. Granite is an extremely heavy stone but as a result is incredibly durable - look how well ‘Cleopatra’s Needle’ has aged even when exposed to the horrors of the English weather climate!
We’ve helped craft everything from bathrooms to staircases, but where we see Granite used most effectively is in the kitchen – particularly as a kitchen splashback or worktop where a hardworking surface is essential. Here at Stone Age we absolutely adore the clean simplicity of a dark Granite worktop. Stones like Black Pearl, Steel Grey and Black Forest will give your home a hint of timeless style and create a striking focal point when contrasted with lighter kitchen cabinetry. One of our favourite kitchen installations is this wonderfully matt Black Granite worktop and matching splashback. The worktop features an ‘apron’ front and a honed finish that delivers a smooth effect – perfect for a sleek and contemporary kitchen installation.

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