For such a glamourous and renowned client, we knew that selecting the perfect stone was essential. We therefore worked closely with the Fenwick team to source a fantastic Marble stone called Fior di Pesca, a stone that we knew would deliver the beautiful but durable finish this project demanded. We travelled with Peter Lockyer of Fenwick and Shayne Brady of BradyWilliams to the Margraf Quarry, located in the small town of Chiampo nestled in the foothills of the Italian Alps. The quarry – which only operates from Spring to Autumn as it becomes snowbound in winter – has one of the biggest warehouse and production facilities in the whole of Italy. Yet despite its size and relative remoteness, we felt that it was imperative for the client to get a first-hand feel for the stone before it was officially specified for the site in Bond Street.
Fior di Pesca is a beautiful marble – an Italian stone that has delicate shades ranging from white to grey and light green to peach. Its tonal palette lays reference to its name as ‘Fior di Pesca’ is Italian for ‘Peach Flower’. The stone’s incredibly unusual colouring worked perfectly with Fenwick’s desired colour scheme and was enhanced by our specialist book matching technique that produces an elegant ‘butterfly effect’.  
The fitting process saw us go above and beyond to ensure the installation ran smoothly, with minimum disruption to Fenwick. Once the stone arrived at our workshop it was unpacked and checked in the warehouse. It was then then pre-dried and treated – a process unique to Stone Age that speeds up installation as the stone can be grouted soon after fixing without waiting for it to dry. The team book matched the stone on site and worked to very specific delivery times outside trading hours. Our dedicated masonry team were on site sometimes throughout the night and worked around the clock to meet the completion deadline.
If you fancy checking out the finished project (or perhaps just fancy indulging in a bit of shoe shopping), then pop along to the Fenwick shoe department which is now open on London’s Bond Street.

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